Friday, October 31, 2014

Weekly Report 10/15/14 – 10/21/14

Winter is fast approaching, and with it comes winter vehicle safety. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind all vehicle owners and operators that some basic precautions can help save lives in the event of a breakdown or an accident. A first-aid kit should be kept in an easily-accessible place in your vehicle. Make sure that you regularly inventory your kit to ensure that it is fully stocked. Every vehicle should also have at least one warm blanket at all times of the year. During the winter, it is best to have one or two extras, in case of emergencies. Flashlights and batteries should also be checked to make sure they are in working order. Non-perishable food items, such as nuts or granola bars, are also nice to have on hand. A candle and matches round out an emergency kit.

The best thing to do is to have your vehicle inspected and properly maintained in accordance with the season. Snow tires should be inspected to ensure they are in good shape before they are mounted on your vehicle. Fluids should be topped off. A dirty windshield can be very dangerous, especially in the bright sunlight. Be sure to keep all windows clean for maximum safety.

The Sheriff’s Office received and responded to 99 calls for service this week.

Deputy Timothy Carter investigated a report of criminal mischief on the Roque Bluffs Road in Jonesboro. No further action was necessary.

A criminal summons for operating after suspension, along with a warning for speeding, was issued to an individual by Deputy Timothy Carter. The traffic stop occurred on Route 1 in Whiting.

Sgt. Brandon Parker responded to a complaint of criminal mischief on the Pigeon Hill Road in Steuben. The complainant did not want to file a report.

Lt. Travis Willey responded to a report of sexual assault in Pleasant Point. The investigation remains on-going.

Deputy Timothy Carter conducted bail checks in Pembroke and Marshfield. No further action was necessary.

A report of burglary on Main Street in Princeton was investigated by Sgt. Ralph Pineo.

A complaint of criminal trespass in Perry was investigated by Deputy Blaine Silk. The complainant was advised on the process of obtaining a protection order.

A report of suspicious activity in Machiasport was investigated by Deputy Blaine Silk. Two individuals were warned against criminal trespassing.

Deputy Blaine Silk conducted a traffic stop in East Machias. The vehicle was found to have illegally attached plates and was unregistered. The individuals were transported to a safe location and the plates were removed from the vehicle.

Deputy Dennis Perry, with assistance from Deputy Adam Davis, stopped and arrested an individual on Route 187 in Jonesport for Operating After Suspension Habitual Offender and for violating conditions of release. The individual was transported to the Washington County Jail without incident.

During a traffic stop on the East Side Road in Addison, Lt. Timothy Tabbutt issued a summons to the operator for operating with an expired license. The operator was also given a verbal warning for a missing inspection sticker on a new windshield.

Lt. Travis Willey, with assistance from Lt. Timothy Tabbutt, Chief Deputy Chris Donahue, and State Trooper Chris Smith, questioned two individuals on the Old Addison Road in Addison for possession of drug paraphernalia. One of the individuals was also found to have an outstanding warrant and was transported to the Washington County Jail.

A report of disorderly conduct on Route 193 in Deblois was investigated by Sgt. Brandon Parker. All parties were warned against a repeated offense.

A car-deer accident on Route 1 in Harrington was investigated by Lt. Timothy Tabbutt. No injuries were reported.

Deputy Blaine Silk responded to a report of theft in Cutler. The investigation remains on-going.

A report of criminal mischief on the Chases Mill Road in East Machias was investigated by Deputy Blaine Silk. The investigation remains open.

A car-small animal crash on Route 191 in East Machias was attended by Deputy Timothy Carter. No injuries were reported.

A car-deer accident on the Port Road in Machiasport was investigated by Deputy Timothy Carter. No injuries were reported.

A car-moose accident on Route 9 in Alexander was investigated by Sgt. Ralph Pineo. The driver and two occupants of the vehicle were transported to the Calais Regional Hospital for possible injuries.

Sgt. Ralph Pineo investigated an accident involving a tractor-trailer and a moose on Route 191 in Cooper. No injuries were reported.