Friday, September 19, 2014

Weekly Report 9/3/14 to 9/9/14

The Sheriff’s Office responds to vehicle accidents every week, and many drivers involved admit to falling asleep or being tired while driving. There are several actions you can take to help ensure that your driving is safe for you, your loved ones, and others in our county. Remember to get plenty of rest each night, particularly before starting a long drive. Avoid medications, whether prescription or over-the-counter, that may make you sleepy. If you can, travel with another driver and alternate the driving responsibilities on a regular schedule. Avoid eating heavy foods or junk foods while on the road, as these can make you more tired. When you do eat, be sure to stop in a safe place. Eating while driving is a distraction that can be very dangerous. An added plus to stopping is that it gives your body, eyes, and mind a rest from driving. It can also be a great excuse to stretch your legs. Periodic exercise breaks are not only good for your overall health, they help you to stay awake. If you can, take breaks every 100 miles or every two hours. If you must pull over to take a nap, make sure that your vehicle is completely off the road. Ideally, you should be in a well-lit, safe area.

The Sheriff’s Office received and responded to 76 calls for service this week.

Deputy Timothy Carter investigated a report for a missing person on Middle Street in Whitneyville. While investigating, Deputy Carter arrested an individual on an outstanding warrant. The individual was transported to the Washington County Jail without incident.

A report of suspected violation of condition of release on Main Street in Princeton was investigated by Cpl. Christopher Donahue. Two individuals were issued summonses for violations.

Deputy Timothy Carter attempted to perform well-being checks on Middle Street in Whitneyville and the Stagecoach Road in East Machias.

Deputy Timothy Carter issued a summons for possession of scheduled drugs and use of drug paraphernalia on Middle Street in Whitneyville.

A single-vehicle accident on Route 1 in Dennysville was investigated by Deputy Timothy Carter. The driver was transported to the hospital for possible injuries.

Sgt. Ralph Pineo investigated a two-vehicle accident at the Port of Entry in Lubec. No injuries were reported.

Sgt. Ralph Pineo investigated a report of aggravated criminal mischief on Route 1 in Perry. The investigation remains open.

A well-being check on the Jacksonville Road in East Machias was performed by Sgt. Ralph Pineo. An ambulance was called, but no further action was necessary.

An individual was reported to be trying to enter the United States illegally at the Port of Entry in Lubec. Deputy Timothy Carter transported the individual to the Washington County Jail where the subject was booked without incident.

Deputy Timothy Carter investigated a single-vehicle accident on the Ridge Road in Pembroke. Two individuals were transported to the Calais Regional Hospital for possible injuries and the administration of blood alcohol tests. The investigation into a possible OUI continues.

A report of possible criminal mischief at Gaelic Square in Jonesport was investigated by Lt. Timothy Tabbutt. No suspects were identified. The incident remains open.

Lt. Timothy Tabbutt investigated a report of theft on Route 1 in Steuben. No suspects were identified. The incident remains open.

A report of theft on the Addison Road in Columbia was investigated by Sgt. Brandon Parker. The incident remains open.

A complaint of harassment on Route 1 in Perry was investigated by Deputy Timothy Carter. Deputy Carter spoke with both individuals and explained how to obtain a protection from harassment order. No further action was required.

Deputy Timothy Carter assisted an EMS team on Two Lakes Drive in Northfield with a possible overdose. Deputy Carter interviewed the individual involved and cleared the scene.

Cpl. Christopher Donahue issued a summons to an individual for operating after suspension and illegal attachment of plates on the Leighton Point Road in Pembroke.