Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekly Report 8/20/14 to 8/26/14

There were a large number of 9-1-1 hang-ups received at the Regional Communications Center during the past week, which is where calls for the Sheriff’s Office are dispatched. We would like to remind callers that it is important to speak to a dispatcher once a call has been placed to 9-1-1. Even if the situation has changed, the dispatcher still needs to speak to a person at the end of the calling line.

The Sheriff’s Office also stresses the importance of teaching children when and how to call 9-1-1.

The Sheriff’s Office received and responded to 105 calls for service this week.

Deputy Blaine Silk responded to a report of criminal threatening in Whiting. The suspect could not be located. The investigation continues.

An individual was arrested on Wilkinson Lane in Machiasport by Deputy Timothy Carter, with assistance from Sgt. Brandon Parker. The individual was charged with violating a protection order and was taken to the Washington County Jail without incident.

A two-vehicle crash on the South Meadow Road in Perry was attended by Deputy Blaine Silk. One of the individuals involved was transported to the hospital for potential injuries.
Deputy Timothy Carter investigated a potential telephone scam in Pembroke. The investigation is ongoing.

Sgt. Ralph Pineo conducted a routine drug court check on the Estates Road in Cherryfield. There were no violations noted during the visit.

A single-vehicle accident at the boat landing in Roque Bluffs was investigated bty Deputy Adam Davis. The vehicle ended up in the water, but no injuries were reported.

A report of reckless conduct on the East Side Road in Machiasport was investigated by Sgt. Ralph Pineo. Neither individual involved wished to give statements or seek protection orders.

Deputy Blaine Silk responded to a complaint of theft on the Ridge Road in Cherryfield. A suspect and a potential accessory were interviewed, but no charges were brought immediately. The investigation is ongoing.

Sgt. Ralph Pineo investigated a complaint of reported criminal mischief on the Port Road in Machiasport. The investigation remains open.
Lt. Travis Willey followed up on a continuing investigation of theft in Machiasport. The case remains open.

A complaint of theft in Pembroke was investigated by Sgt. Ralph Pineo. The investigation is ongoing.

A missing person report in Addison was investigated by Deputy Blaine Silk. The individual was found and brought home the next day.


Deputy Timothy Carter responded to a request for a well-being check on Hopkins Lane in Whiting. Deputy Carter, along with EMTs from Downeast EMS, attended the scene and cleared it without incident.

A complaint of Domestic Violence assault on the Station Road in Jonesboro was investigated by Deputy Timothy Carter. An individual was arrested and taken to the Washington County Jail without incident. Sgt. Brandon Parker assisted with the call.

Deputy Blaine Silk investigated a car-moose crash on the Tibbettstown Road in Columbia Falls. No injuries were reported.

An individual residing on the Tibbettstown Road in Columbia Falls was arrested on an outstanding warrant. The individual was transported to the Washington County Jail without incident.

A report of forgery on Route One in Columbia was investigated by Deputy Blaine Silk. The suspect could not be immediately located, and the investigation remains open.