Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekly Report 7/7/14 to 7/15/14


The Sheriff’s Office has responded to several motor vehicle accidents over the past week. The accidents include single-vehicle, two-vehicle, deer, and personal property accidents. The Sheriff’s Office reminds all drivers to use caution at all times. Drivers should remember to take breaks if they are fatigued. Distracted driving in all forms is dangerous.

The number of 9-1-1 calls from “pocket dials”, children playing with the phone, and mis-dials has increased significantly over the past few weeks. The Sheriff’s Office encourages teaching children the importance of knowing how, and when, to dial 9-1-1.

Sgt. Ralph Pineo responded to a complaint of trespass on Route 1 in Whiting. The individual was escorted from the scene and given a warning not to return.

Deputy Blaine Silk responded to a deer-vehicle crash on the Kansas Road in Milbridge. No injuries were reported at the scene.


Lt. Timothy Tabbutt investigated a report of theft on the Augusta Drive in Steuben. Lt. Tabbutt spoke to the parties involved, and they eventually resolved the incident to the satisfaction of all involved.
A report of theft on the Garnett Head Road in Pembroke was investigated by Deputy Timothy Carter. The complainant was following up with others who may know the whereabouts of the missing articles.

A noise complaint on the High Head Road in East Machias was addressed by Deputy Timothy Carter.
Deputy Blaine arrested an individual who was wanted under a warrant from the Machias District Court.

A vehicle was stopped and the driver was summonsed for attachment of false plates by Deputy Timothy Carter.

Deputy Timothy Carter responded to a single-vehicle accident on Route 1 in Perry. The driver of the vehicle was transported to Calais Regional Hospital for treatment of injuries.

Sgt. Brandon Parker responded to the scene of a two-vehicle accident on the Rim Road in East Machias. The driver of one of the vehicles was transported to DECH for treatment of injuries.
Cpl. Christopher Donahue arrested an individual on Route 9 in Day Block Township on several outstanding warrants.

Sgt. Ralph Pineo assisted Patrol Officer Timothy Mace of the Machias Police Department with an incident involving an individual who was very upset. The individual was taken to Down East Community Hospital.

A complaint of alcohol consumption by minors on Route 191 in East Machias was investigated by Sgt. Ralph Pineo. When Sgt. Pineo arrived at the scene, the suspects had already gone.

Sgt. Brandon Parker responded to a two-vehicle collision on Route 1 in Edmunds. No parties reported injuries at the scene.

Sgt. Ralph Pineo responded to a report of a missing person. The individual was found at a nearby residence.

A reported theft on the Johnson Road in Perry was investigated by Sgt. Ralph Pineo. The items reported missing were found to be marital property in an ongoing divorce. No further action was taken.

Deputy Blaine Silk responded to a complaint of theft on the Cape Split Road in Addison. The caller later found the missing property.

A complaint of theft on the Northfield Road in Marshfield was investigated by Sgt. Ralph Pineo. The investigation is ongoing.

Lt. Timothy Tabbutt responded to a report of domestic violence on the Pea Ridge Road in Columbia. Both parties were interviewed and were instructed to stay away from each other.

Deputy Blaine Silk investigated the report of a theft from a vehicle at the Gardner’s Lake boat landing. Investigation is ongoing.

A well-being check was performed by Deputy Blaine Silk on the Hardwood Lane in Marshfield. The individual was found in poor condition and was transported to DECH by ambulance.