Thursday, July 10, 2014

Weekly Report 06/26/14 TO 06/30/14


The Sheriff’s Office has responded to several deer-vehicle accidents over the past couple of weeks. While July and August have statistically fewer reports of deer-vehicle accidents, the deer are still out there. We would also like to remind drivers that the risk of vehicle accidents involving moose, bear, and all other animals increases for the months of July and August. Vehicle-moose accidents are particularly common at night, as the animals are hard to see with their dark coats. Please use caution when driving.

Complaints about missing or damaged mailboxes all over the county have seen a sharp increase. If anyone has information about theft or vandalizing of mailboxes, please call the Sheriff’s Office. If your mailbox has been damaged or stolen, please report it to your local postmaster. The Sheriff’s Office would also like to remind all citizens that mailboxes are considered to be federal property, and mailbox vandals can be fined up to $250,000 or sentenced to three years in jail for each violation.

Deputy Tim Carter responded to a complaint in Robbinston involving the possible violation of a protection order. Upon investigation, it was determined that no violation had taken place.

Deputy Blaine Silk received a report from a Perry merchant regarding an out-of-state purchase with a stolen credit card. Deputy Silk is working with agencies in the state where the merchandise was delivered in an on-going investigation of the case.

Sgt. Ralph Pineo investigated a two-vehicle accident near the intersection of Route One and Route 190 in Perry. No one was injured, but the two vehicles sustained minor damage.

Sgt. Ralph Pineo attended the scene of a single-car accident on Route One in Whiting. The driver, the only occupant of the vehicle, was pronounced dead on the scene.

Deputy Steven Ramsey investigated a report of suspicious vehicles on the Nineteen Road in Berry Township. The caller was concerned about the possibility of break-ins. The scene was investigated and no criminal activity was observed.

Sgt. Brandon Parker investigated a report of a possible drug transaction in a parking lot at the Four Corners in Columbia. When Sgt. Parker arrived, the suspects were gone.

Sgt. Ralph Pineo investigated a complaint of possible drinking and drug use on the Ridge Road in Pembroke. The caller was also concerned about what sounded like a firearm being discharged.

Sgt. Ralph Pineo performed a routine urine test per Drug Court sanctions. The individual was at home and the test came back negative.