Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Washington County Sheriff’s Office weekly Report for January 24-30, 2014

Sgt Brandon Parker responded to a report of theft in Cherryfield. A cell phone had been stolen from a residence. Investigation continues.

Deputy Gregory Sawyer responded to a request to remove a subject from a residence in Edmunds Township. A female was intoxicated and refusing to leave a residence. Warning issued.

Deputy Gregory Sawyer responded to Whitneyville to a report of theft. A male subject had moved out of the residence but was returning at night and removing items from the residence. Warnings were issued for harassment.

Deputy Gregory Sawyer investigated a burglary in East Machias. A residence had been broken into. Investigation continues.

Sgt Ralph Pineo investigated a report of criminal mischief in Alexander. A female had broken several items at a residence. She agreed to clean up the broken items. No charges.

Sgt Brandon Parker investigated a violation of protection order. One party was receiving texts messages from the other party. No charges.

Sgt Brandon Parker investigated a harassment charge in Jonesboro. A landlord was harassing a tenant by texting. The landlord was contacted and agreed to stop. No charges.

Lt Timothy Tabbutt investigated a theft in Columbia Falls. A customer of Elmer’s Country Store had pumped gas and driven off without paying. The driver was located and returned and paid for the gas. No charges.

Lt Travis Willey investigated a theft at a high school basketball game in Machias. A basketball player reported that a ring and cash was stolen from her gym bag that was in the locker room. Investigation continues.

Deputy Dennis Worcester investigated a criminal mischief in East Machias and Cutler. Two skidders were damaged. Investigation continues.

Lt Timothy Tabbutt and Deputy Dennis Worcester conducted bail checks in Jonesport. Two subjects had a bail condition of no use or possession of drugs, they tested positive and were arrested for violation of bail conditions.

Sgt Brandon Parker, Lt Travis Willey and Deputy Christopher Donahue responded to a domestic situation in Pembroke. Two brothers were fighting and shots were fired. Both the subjects were arrested and transported to the Washington County Jail.

Sgt Brandon Parker conducted a bail check in Lubec. Subject was in compliance with her bail conditions.

Sgt Ralph Pineo and Sgt Brandon Parker responded to a domestic disturbance in East Machias. A male subject was arrested for threatening his wife.

Sgt Ralph Pineo responded to a loud noise complaint in Marshfield.