Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 14 – 20, 2014 Sheriff's Report

During this time the Washington County Sheriff’s Office responded to 62 calls for service. Notable complaints are listed below:

Sgt Ralph Pineo conducted a bail check in Lubec. The subject was in compliance with the bail conditions. No charges.

Deputy Gregory Sawyer responded to an unresponsive adult male in Whiting. The Machias ambulance arrived and administered CPR but was unable to revive the male.

Sgt Brandon Parker responded to a motor vehicle accident in Jonesport. A truck and a small car were involved in the accident. One of the subjects was combative and appeared to be intoxicated. He was transported to Downeast Community Hospital. Investigation continues.

Deputy Christopher Donahue responded to a domestic disturbance in Danforth. A mother and father were having a dispute about where their child would be staying. The parties worked out the dispute. No charges.

Sgt Brandon Parker conducted a bail check in Marshfield. The subject was in compliance with the bail conditions. No charges.

Sgt Ralph Pineo responded to Lubec to assist with a missing 10 year old boy. The boy was located at a nearby residence.

Deputy Christopher Donahue assisted with an accident in Charlotte. A tractor had flipped back and the driver was pinned. Life flight transported the driver to the hospital.

Lt Timothy Tabbutt investigated a theft in Cherryfield. Checks were reported stolen. Investigation continues.

Lt Timothy Tabbutt responded to a 911 hang up in Steuben. The caller was heard yelling at someone before the connection was lost. Caller called again and stated that her husband had assaulted her. Lt Tabbutt arrived at the residence a few minutes after officer Paul Gamblee from Gouldsboro Police Dept. arrived. The husband was arrested and transported to Washington County Jail.