Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Washington County Sheriff’s Office Weekly Report

May 31 – June 6, 2013
Lt Timothy Tabbutt responded to a report of a possible violation of a Protection Order in Steuben. After the investigation, Lt Tabbutt determined that no violation had occurred.

Lt Timothy Tabbutt assisted Gouldsboro Police Officer Sgt James Malloy with an arrest warrant in Gouldsboro.
Deputy John Peterson along with K-9 Dev. and Deputy Ryan Allen along with K-9 Dozer conducted K-9 training in Wesley.

Deputy Ryan Allen responded to a report of a disoriented and confused male subject in Danforth. Deputy Allen was unable to locate the subject to check his well-being.

The Washington County Deputies attended CPR training at the Baileyville Police Department.

Deputy Gregory Sawyer responded to a report of fireworks being set off in East Machias. The fireworks had stopped once Deputy Sawyer arrived.

Sgt Brandon Parker responded to an unresponsive male in Cherryfield. The caller was a small child. Upon arriving at the residence the male was awake and responsive.

Cpl Ralph Pineo investigated a property dispute in Columbia. Deputy Pineo explained to the land owners that the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Maine State Police had responded to this property on many occasions. Cpl Pineo advised the property owners that they need to have this matter resolved in civil court.

Cpl Ralph Pineo and Deputy Ryan Allen assisted with traffic control at the Washington Academy graduation.

Deputy John Peterson responded to a single vehicle crash in Pembroke. Deputy Peterson spoke with a male subject upon arrival at the scene who was the driver. The driver had sustained minor injuries. A female subject was still in the vehicle and required medical attention. Once the ambulance arrived Deputy Peterson spoke with the male subject. The male subject smelled of intoxicants. Field sobriety tests were conducted and a driver’s license check was requested. The driver was on conditions of release with a condition of no use or possession of substances. Deputy Peterson arrested the driver and transported him to the Washington County Jail.

Deputy Gregory Sawyer responded to a single vehicle accident in Marshfield. The driver had minor injuries. There were 2 dogs also in the vehicle but one had run away after the crash. The dog was later located.

Deputy Gregory Sawyer responded to a report of criminal threatening in Jonesboro. After interviewing the parties involved, warnings were given to both parties to stay away from each other.

Sgt Brandon Parker investigated two individuals sleeping in the Irving parking lot in Harrington. Sgt Parker ran both occupants driver’s licenses and they were suspended. The occupants were told not to drive or they would be arrested.

Deputy Gregory Sawyer investigated a theft at a residence in Roque Bluffs. The resident had just returned to Roque Bluffs for vacation and had noticed a propane wall heater missing. Investigation continues.

Deputy Gregory Sawyer responded to a report of a stolen vehicle in Cutler. After an investigation the vehicle was found, involved in a crash with no one around. The State Police are investigating the accident.

Deputy John Peterson responded to a missing 16 year old in Edmunds. The juvenile was located and returned to his father.