Friday, June 7, 2013

Washington County Sheriff’s Office Weekly Report May 24 – 30, 2013

Deputy Richard Rolfe and canine Stryker assisted Sgt Perry on a bail check in Jonesport. The subject consented to a search and a substance screen. No drugs were located and the substance screen was negative.

Deputy Richard Rolfe and canine Stryker assisted Sgt Parker and Deputy Sawyer on a probation check in Milbridge. During the search a marijuana grow was discovered. The probationer produced a marijuana card. The probationer consented to a substance screen and tested positive for substances. Probationer was arrested and transported to Washington County Jail.

Deputy Ryan Allen conducted a probation check in Cherryfield. Subject had probation conditions of no use or possession of substances. Subject tested positive for substances and was transported to the Washington County Jail and placed on a probation hold.

Deputy Ryan Allen and canine Dozer assisted Lt Timothy Tabbutt with a bail check in Steuben. Canine Dozer located the subject hiding under a pile of clothes. Subject was arrested for violation of bail and transported to the Washington County Jail.

Lt Timothy Tabbutt responded to a 911 hang up in Cherryfield. After arriving at the residence and interviewing the homeowners Lt Timothy Tabbutt determined the call to be accidental. A child had been playing with a cell phone and placed the call.

The number of 911 calls from “pocket dials”, children playing with the phone, and misdials has increased significantly. The sheriff’s office encourages teaching children the importance of knowing how, and when, to dial 911.

Cpl Ralph Pineo responded to a fight in progress in Steuben. Officer James Malloy from Milbridge Police Dept assisted. Subject was no longer at the residence when the officers arrived. Subject was later located and told not to return to the residence or he would be charged with criminal trespass.

Cpl John Peterson received a complaint of a burglary in Lubec. A search of the property produced a large amount of copper piping missing from the basement. Investigation continues.

Lt Timothy Tabbutt received a call about a loud party in Steuben. The caller stated that her husband had gone next door to ask them to quiet down but was attacked. The caller did not want to press any charges but wanted the party to quiet down. While on the phone the party seemed to be breaking up.

Sgt Brandon Parker responded to a call from an intoxicated female stating she had been assaulted in Perry. The caller was walking towards Route 1 when she was located. RCC advised that the female had an outstanding warrant on an unrelated matter. Subject was arrested and transported to the Washington County Jail.

Lt Timothy Tabbutt responded to a domestic assault in Cherryfield. Subject was arrested and transported to Washington County Jail. Victim was referred to Next Step.

Lt Travis Willey assisted Maine State Trooper Andrew Foss with an investigation into a firearm from Machiasport. After interviewing the subject at his residence in Whitneyville, the subject was arrested and transported to the Washington County Jail.

Cpl Ralph Pineo conducted a bail check on a subject in Milbridge. Subject was no longer living at the address in Milbridge and had moved to Steuben. The subject was located in Steuben and given a summons for a Bail Violation and was told to call the court to update his address.

Cpl Ralph Pineo assisted Maine Drug Enforcement Agency in executing a warrant in Harrington. Subject was arrested without incident.

Cpl Ralph Pineo assisted the Coast Guard in locating a boat owner whose emergency beacon was going off. The owner was located, but the boat had been sold and the emergency beacon was disabled some time ago.

Deputy Gregory Sawyer responded to a call for a possible Theft of medications in Topsfield. Investigation is ongoing.