Friday, March 22, 2013

WEEKLY REPORT 02/22/2013 TO 02/28/2013


Unfortunately, calls for service related to domestic violence issues continue to be a weekly occurrence for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. We are proud, however, to have a strong partnership with The Next Step Domestic Violence Project. While we welcome all calls concerning domestic violence, we also encourage anyone to call The Next Step at 255-4785 or 454-8088.

Deputy Ryan Allen responded to a potential domestic violence situation in Machiasport. Upon arrival, he discovered that it was in fact a civil dispute. Allen spoke with both parties who agreed to separate peacefully.

Sgt. Randy Perry responded to a call for service regarding a couple having a domestic dispute in a public parking lot in Columbia. Perry talked with both parties, who declined to press charges. It was agreed that the couple should separate for the night.

Deputy Dennis Perry responded to a call from an individual in Milbridge who wanted to talk to an officer regarding his safety. When Perry arrived, he found the caller to be extremely intoxicated. The other parties involved were not found to be in the area.

Deputy Dennis Perry investigated a call regarding a driver operating erratically on Route 9 in Devereaux Twp. Perry located and stopped the vehicle. Upon investigation, Perry determined that the driver was fatigued from a long trip. Perry suggested the driver pull over in the T30 rest area to rest, which he did.

Cpl. Ralph Pineo investigated a suspicious vehicle parked at a vacant residence on the South Edmunds Road. It was determined that the vehicle belonged to someone who was harvesting shellfish.

Deputy Dennis Perry, assisted by Sgt. Randy Perry, responded to a call regarding two individuals who were apparently under the influence of illegal substances, reported to be bath salts. The two individuals were transported by family members to the hospital before Deputy Perry arrived on scene.

Sgt. Randy Perry responded to a call regarding a potentially intoxicated individual who was putting gas in his vehicle at a convenience store in Jonesport. Upon arrival at the scene, Perry found the driver to be intoxicated past the point of being able to participate in a sobriety test. The individual agreed to accompany Perry to the Milbridge Police Department for an Intoxylizer test. Officer Bradon Parker of the Milbridge Police Department administered the test, which showed the subject to be over the legal limit. The subject was arrested and transported to the Washington County Jail.

Sgt. Randy Perry responded to a report of possible theft from a commercial fishery in Beals. The investigation is on-going.

Sgt. Randy Perry spotted an individual whose license had been recently suspended operating a vehicle on the Addison Road in Columbia. Perry arrested the individual for operating after suspension and transported him to the Washington County Jail.

Cpl. Ralph Pineo responded to the scene of an accident on Route 9 in Crawford. Several vehicles, including two tractor-trailers, were unable to navigate a hill because of poor road conditions. MDOT responded and cleared the roads. No injuries or vehicle damage was reported.

Deputy Adam Davis responded to a single-vehicle accident on Route 1 in Whiting. The passenger reported injuries, and an ambulance was called.

Cpl. Brandon Parker responded to a request for civil assist in Machiasport. The individuals involved had questions about personal belongings and the protection order process.

Sgt. Tim Tabbutt responded to a call in Cherryfield regarding a possible theft from an unoccupied home. Tabbutt investigated and found nothing had been disturbed.