Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WEEKLY REPORT 02/08/2013 TO 02/14/2013


Sgt. Tim Tabbutt responded to a call regarding theft of money from a bank account through a debit card purchase. The bank was contacted, and the victim’s account was closed and the money refunded. The items fraudulently purchased included concert tickets, which would be invalid when the ticketholder attempted to use them. Because the theft occurred outside the state, the victim was directed to the Attorney General’s Office for Identity Theft.

Sgt. Tim Tabbutt, with assistance from Deputy Dennis Perry, responded to a report from Hancock County Deputy Shane Campbell of a vehicle fire on Route 9. The owner, a Washington County resident, was contacted. No injuries were reported.

Deputy John Peterson responded to a single-vehicle accident on Route 1 in Whiting. No injuries were reported and the site was cleared without incident.

A report of break-in at a commercial property in Jonesboro was investigated by Sgt. Tim Tabbutt. Upon speaking to the employee who called in the complaint, it was determined that nothing had been taken from the site. Sgt. Tabbutt advised the employee regarding additional security for the facility.

Sgt. Tim Tabbutt investigated a single-vehicle accident on Route 192. The driver, who arrived at the DECH Emergency Room to be evaluated for injuries, was found to have a suspended license and to be in possible violation of probation. Investigation was turned over to the probation officer. The passenger of the vehicle was not injured.

Lt. Travis Willey responded to a single-vehicle accident on Route 1 in Whiting. The vehicle struck a guard rail, but no injuries were reported.

Deputy Ryan Allen responded to a single-vehicle accident on Route 1 in Jonesboro. Icy roads and slush contributed to crash conditions. Deputy Allen suggested the driver seek treatment for possible injury.