Monday, February 4, 2013


Cpl. Parker responded to a call regarding a possible unwelcome visitor to a Milbridge apartment while the tenant was not at home. Cpl. Parker found the visitor in the apartment and asked him to leave, which he did without incident.

Sgt. Rolfe responded to a possible assault and threatening in Lubec. When Sgt. Rolfe arrived, one of the parties involved had already left the scene. No charges were brought against either party.

Cpl. Parker responded to an accident on Route 1 in East Machias where he found a car on its roof near a broken utility pole. The responding EMTs found the driver to be uninjured, so Cpl. Parker performed sobriety tests and administered a intoxilyzer test. The driver was taken to jail and summonsed for operating under the influence.

Sgt. Rolfe responded to a call regarding a possible stolen vehicle in Columbia Falls. The woman had given her ex-husband permission to use the vehicle, but he had not brought it back. Sgt. Rolfe advised the caller that, since she had given permission, it was a civil matter. Sgt. Rolfe followed through until the vehicle was found.

Sgt. Rolfe and Cpl. Parker responded to a call regarding a possible domestic violence assault in Addison. When they arrived, both parties were cooperative. They were separated for the evening.

Sgt. Rolfe responded to a complaint for a protection order violation from a Dennysville woman. The defendant, whom the protection order was filed against, was suspected to be at his home in Calais. With assistance from Cpl. Parker and Calais Police Department Sgt. Fitzsimmons and Officer Fenderson, Rolfe went to the defendant’s residence and arrested him. While there, the officers also arrested a third party found in the apartment who had outstanding warrants against him.

Sgt. Perry, Lt. Willey, and Deputy Perry responded to a report of a two vehicle accident in Jonesport. The driver of the vehicle which struck the other was pronounced dead on the scene. The driver of the other vehicle had minor injuries.