Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Camp Breaks on Lower Oxbrook Lake

***For Immediate Release***

On or about 8-17-2014 the Washington County Sheriff’s Office responded to multiple reports of Camp Breaks on Lower Oxbrook Lake in T6 ND BPP. Deputies began investigations and found that 4 seasonal camps had been burglarized, several thousand dollars worth of property had been taken, and hundreds of dollars worth of damage had been done to the property. Through evidence collected it was determined that the crimes were committed early in the morning before daylight on the 17th.

Several high value items had been stolen, including chain saws, firearms, hunting bows, walkie talkie radios, hand tools, a four wheeler, and other misc items all estimated to exceed 4000$ in total value.

The Sheriff’s Office continued to investigate the crimes and through physical evidence, witness statements, and community awareness, the Sheriff’s Office was able to identify two primary suspects in the case. Both suspects are juveniles and cannot be named.

Through cooperation by both juvenile suspects, nearly all of the stolen property was then recovered. Some of the property was recovered at the juvenile suspect’s residences. The rest of the property was recovered in 3 separate locations in the woods near Lower Oxbrook Lake.

The victim’s property was recovered by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the Indian Township Warden Service, and the Maine Warden Service. The property has been secured and will be returned to the victims at a later date.

Both juvenile suspects are cooperating with the investigation at this time and the case will be turned over to the Juvenile Corrections Officer and the local District Attorney’s Office for any charging decisions. Possible Charges include Felony Theft of Firearms, Burglary, Felony Theft of Property, and Criminal Mischief.

Sheriff Donnie Smith
Washington County Sheriff’s Office