Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Washington County Sheriff’s Office Weekly Report for August 16-22, 2013

This week the Washington County Sheriff’s Office responded to 110 calls for service. Notable complaints are listed below:

Deputy Gregory Sawyer responded to a call from Jonesboro that 30 blueberry workers that had been fired and were refusing to leave the property. The situation was resolved between the parties.

Sgt Randy Perry was called to Perry to assist a resident with removing his belongings.

Deputy Ryan Allen responded to a criminal mischief complaint in Lubec. A vehicle was “doing wheelies” at the landing and struck a parked vehicle. The driver was located and summons for Criminal Mischief and Fail to Report an accident by quickest means.

Sgt Randy Perry investigated a possible Harassment complaint in Addison. A neighbor was videotaping children while they were outside playing. Investigation continues.

Deputy Ryan Allen responded to a possible suicide attempt in East Machias. The situation was resolved before Deputy Allen arrived at the residence.

Deputy Adam Davis assisted Machias Police Officer Mace in stopping a vehicle that was operating erratically. The driver was issued a summons for OAS.

Deputy Ryan Allen stopped a motor vehicle in Lubec for driving without a license. A summons was issued.

Deputy Ryan Allen responded to possible gun shots in Machiasport. After an investigation it was determined to be fireworks going off.

Cpl Ralph Pineo responded to a possible Assault in Milbridge. Report was unfounded.

Deputy Ryan Allen received a loud noise complaint from East Machias. Loud music was being heard at midnight. Music was turned down by the time Deputy Allen arrived.

Cpl Ralph Pineo responded to a report of suspicious activity coming from the “lumber yard” in Jonesport. Two subjects were loading what the caller believed to be pallets into the back of a pickup truck. The subjects were heard saying “this is going to be great fun”. Cpl Pineo patrolled the area but did not locate any pickups with pallets.

Sgt Randy Perry received a call about suspicious activity in Jonesport. The caller believed someone had been in her residence during the night. The residence was checked and no one was located.

Deputy Gregory Sawyer responded to a disturbance in Robbinston at a town meeting. A resident was becoming agitated at the town meeting. The resident had left the meeting before Deputy Sawyer arrived.

Sgt Brandon Parker received a call from East Machias about fireworks going off. Sgt Parker advised caller that it was legal until 10 AM to shoot fireworks.

Deputy Ryan Allen responded to a report of a 4 year old missing from a residence in East Machias. The child was located in the residence. The child was hiding in a playhouse.

Cpl Ralph Pineo responded to a domestic disturbance in Milbridge. The caller had been assaulted and was locked in a garage with a rifle to protect him. After an investigation by Cpl Pineo the victim was a prohibited person and was not allowed to possess a firearm. The caller was arrested for Possession of firearm by a prohibited person and transported to the Washington County Jail.