Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Washington County Sheriff’s Office Weekly Report July 12-18, 2013

The Sheriff’s Department held its annual inventory inspection, to ensure all equipment was accounted for and in working order. We’re pleased to report all deputies have passed the inspection with flying colors.

Deputy Ryan Allen investigated a possible theft of medication from a residence in Robbinston. Investigation continues.

Deputy Ryan Allen assisted Sgt Newell of the Indian Township Police Department with a vehicle off the road in Grand Lake Stream.

When Sgt Newell approached the vehicle the driver ran into the woods. Deputy Allen and K9 Dozer searched the area but did not locate the subject.

Lt Timothy Tabbutt responded to a possible domestic situation at Schoodic Lake. Lt Tabbutt was assisted by Deputy Dennis Worcester, Warden Bayley Grant and Warden James Martin. When the officers arrived at the residence there was a large group of people gathered. Several summonses were issued and one suspect was arrested.

Lt Timothy Tabbutt investigated an abandoned vehicle in Milbridge. The vehicle was locked and parked on private property. The owner of the vehicle was located and removed the vehicle.

Lt Timothy Tabbutt investigated a theft of money from a residence in Cherryfield. Investigation continues.
Deputy Ryan Allen responded to a disorderly conduct complaint in Edmunds. A neighbor was creating a loud disturbance early in the morning. A warning was issued.

Sgt Brandon Parker responded to a report of an individual with a knife “flipping out” in Lubec. Maine State Police Trooper Keith York and Marine Patrol officer Russell Wright assisted. Officer Wright, who was first on the scene, had calmed the individual down when Sgt Parker arrived. The individual was charged with criminal mischief and transported to Washington County Jail.

Deputy Gregory Sawyer conducted a well- being check on a 9 year old in Topsfield. The child was with relatives and was fine.
Lt Timothy Tabbutt investigated suspicious activity in Columbia. An individual reported seeing a person being dropped off and then running into the woods. Investigation continues.

Lt Timothy Tabbutt responded to a 3 car vehicle accident in Milbridge. All vehicles sustained damage. The driver at fault was issued a summons for Carrying Passenger beyond Intermediate License Restrictions.

Deputy Gregory Sawyer responded to a criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon in Perry. The State Police and the Pleasant Point Police Department assisted. An individual had a gun and was arguing with several family members. Summonses were issued for criminal threatening and assault.

Cpl Ralph Pineo investigated a theft in Steuben. Two carburetors were missing from a garage. Investigation continues.
Deputy Ryan Allen conducted a well-being check on a man in Lubec. His family had not heard from him in a few weeks. Deputy Allen located the man and he was in good health.