Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Washington County Sheriff’s Office Weekly Report

April 5
Sgt Brandon Parker responded to a report of a male subject slumped over in his car in Milbridge. Subject was transported by ambulance to Ellsworth hospital.

April 6
Deputy Steven Ramsey responded to the IGA parking lot in Lubec for a possible motor vehicle accident. Ambulance personnel were present when Deputy Ramsey arrived. The driver of the vehicle was not hurt. The driver was uncertain how his vehicle ended up at the IGA parking lot. There was no damage to the vehicle and no private property damage.
Deputy Steven Ramsey was asked to participate in a civil assist in Pembroke relative to personal possessions. After speaking to one of the parties no action was taken.
Sgt Randy Perry received a report of a vehicle traveling east on route 9 at a high rate of speed. Sgt Perry was too far away so MSP and MPD was contacted.
Sgt Randy Perry was contacted to assist a parent in Cherryfield in locating her son.
Cpl Ralph Pineo responded to a motor vehicle accident in Cherryfield with property damage only.

April 7
Sgt Randy Perry was requested by a resident of Addison to have a subject removed. Eviction in process. This is a civil matter. No further action taken.

April 8
Cpl Ralph Pineo responded to a car/ deer accident north of the Sprague Falls Road in Cherryfield. There was minimal damage to the car and the deer ran off.

Deputy Ryan Allen responded to a report of hypodermic needles at the Hadley’s Lake Boat Landing. After a search of the area no needles were found.

Deputy Ryan Allen was advised of a traffic complaint in Pembroke where the complainant said that there was a small car with a loud exhaust going in and out the Hersey Side Road. Deputy Allen attempted to locate a small car with a loud exhaust but could not find one.
About an hour later the complainant called back in and said the vehicle was back. Officer Ryan Murry located the vehicle however it was a red van not a small car. Deputy Allen spoke to all subjects involved and they advised that they were elver fishing and that they would use a different vehicle the next day.

April 9
Sgt Brandon Parker was dispatched to a disturbance type call in Pembroke. Officer Mike Crabtree of Pleasant Point Police Department assisted. Officer Crabtree advised that the witnesses were all standing by. After interviewing the witnesses the female was placed under arrest for domestic violence assault and transported to the Washington County Jail.

Sgt Brandon Parker received a call for a well check in East Machias. Before Cpl Parker could respond the reporting party called back and all was well. No further action was taken.

April 10

Deputy Ramsey was contacted to assist a resident of Lubec to help assist in retrieving his property.

Deputy Gregory Sawyer responded to Jonesport to assist in a juvenile matter.

Deputy Ryan Allen responded to Pembroke to assist in a juvenile matter.

April 11

Deputy Ramsey responded to a complaint of threatening with a firearm in Wesley.

Deputy Ramsey responded to a motor vehicle accident in Marion TWP.