Saturday, December 15, 2012

Washington County Sheriff’s Office

On Sunday 12-9-12 Washington County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a complaint on the Straight Bay Road in Lubec. The nature of the complaint involved a vehicle bypassing two gates on to a property where the owner was away.

Deputies Adam Davis and Dennis Perry checked the area and found a gray pickup parked on the property out of site of the roadway. Deputies checked the truck and then proceeded to check the residence to make sure that it was not being broken into. Deputies obtained information from the complainant on a possible identity of the person and information that the person involved there may be hunting.

The Maine Warden Service was contacted and responded. While waiting for District Game Warden Joseph McBrine to arrive, Deputies remained at the property concealing their location and watched the area.

A short time later a male subject later identified as Roger Wright D.O.B. 10-6-62 of Lubec emerged on the edge of a field and tree line. Mr. Wright was carrying a long gun in his right hand and his movements were consistent with that of a person hunting.
Mr. Wright was contacted by the Deputies and subsequently arrested for Hunting on Sunday and Violation of Conditions of Release. The 20 gauge shotgun in his possession and the ammunition for it were seized. He was transported to the Washington County Jail.

Upon further investigation it was determined that Mr. Wright was prohibited from possessing a firearm as he was a convicted felon. It was also determined that Mr. Wright is alleged to have fraudulently purchased a hunting license and registered a deer in November that was taken with a rifle.

On Thursday Sheriff's Deputies met with Warden Joseph McBrine and Warden Sgt. David Craven. A search warrant was obtained and executed at the property of Mr. Wright in Lubec just after 1800 hours. This was a joint operation between the Warden Service and the Sheriff's Office. During the search warrant 3 firearms were seized from Mr. Wright's residence along with a number of rifle and shotgun shells. Other items were also seized including a 2012 Maine Hunting license which was fraudulently obtained.
Mr. Wright was arrested without incident and transported to the Washington County Jail for possession of a firearm by a felon. He was charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Felon and Fraudulently Obtaining a Hunting License and Violation of Bail.